Friday, May 13, 2011

Ten day's and counting...

It is hard to believe that in such a short time as three months, so much has happened!  Some incredible things have happened and some strange things.  Time and space here may limit my ability to communicate with you the depth of it all but we would love to personally connect with you on this when we return home.

Highlights of our time in Germany:
- God provided incredible housing for us from the first day to our soon to be last
- Our apartment is fantastic and our neighbors are a real blessing to us
- We have been provided some great new starts to friendships with fellow CSM staff, chaplains, family members of our students and new friends as well
- We have been involved since day one in the lives of people that need or love Jesus and we have been able to challenge them right where they are
- We have been able to be involved in two different chapels and this has been a real joy and blessing
- I have been able to preach three different times here in the three months
- I have had the opportunity to lead several Bible studies with our middle school boys...great time!!!
- I have taught the WORD at youth group on several occasions and small groups at a week long camp
- While at spring break camp, we were in the ALP's of Garmisch...what a great place for camp!!!
- Julie and I have enjoyed many walks in our town of Kusel we live in and have been blessed by those
- Julie has ministered to the wives' of many deployed soldiers here in Baumholder
- Julie was able to attend PWOC Bible study on Tuesdays and connect there with women around the WORD
- Julie has loved, cared and fed our students on several occasions and as you know, she is good at all three of those
- We have developed relationships that will grow when we return in the fall full time...Lord willing!
- I have been able to build strong and growing relationships with our chaplains in Baumholder
- I had the honor of attending a memorial service for one of the four soldiers we have lost during our time humbling and sobering experience
- We have encouraged, taught and prayed with students on a weekly basis
- I had the opportunity to runs games for youth group several nights
- We have had the opportunity to me involved in a big way in the GREAT COMMISSION!!

There are more to share but as you see, we have had a full schedule and with only ten days left, they to are packed with opportunities to be involved in lives, ministry and the future of students here in Germany.

Julie and I would like you to know how much we appreciate your love, prayers and support for our ministry to the students of our US Military families!  They are the present and future of our society!  We know that you would be blessed to know that they are resilient and responsive to the things of the Lord when you simply reach out in love and show them you care!  We have done that...may the Lord bless our time here and bring us back quickly to continue this ministry for His glory.