Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boy is HIS timing ever good!!!

Copied from my recent post on Facebook regarding the travels of my ladies and how God uses the lessons of the week during my sermon prep to see Him Move!!!  The girls were unable to get on the first two flight options. Looking at about a 8 hour wait for the next flight that was full, the counter staff at Delta said, "we can make it work!"

In doing that, they fly from PDX to St Paul then to Atlanta!!  There in lies the Here and Now!!  HE had it planned along and God met them there at the airport and met a heart felt desire and need for Julie to connect with her mentor and life coach!!  WOW....That is great!!!

To God be the Glory!!!

Here and Now!!!! Just saw the Lord working...Julie wanted so badly to connect with many of our friends and all but time, pressures and house consumed her time, energy and focus. Then preaching the sermon God gave me today titled Here and Now, I see why they didn't make their flights. Her life mentor and coach is in Atlanta and she really wanted to see her and her husband. The only way that would happen is if she missed her flight and had to stay over in Atlanta...well, they board at 3ish Sunday afternoon via St Paul to arrive at midnight and then spend most of the day with Mary Pinkerton and Mike!!!!!!! God is so GOOD!!!!! WOW...Here and Now!! Julie McCaw Shackelford you get a blessing to see them!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!

Just had to share this with those that don't have Facebook but read our blog!!

Here and Now!

Today I had the opportunity to preach at one of the Chapels on post. The title to the message the Lord gave me was Here and Now.  We looked at Psalms 13, John 14:1-4 and Philippians 3:13-17.  In all three of the texts, the writer is either experience a traumatic or life changing event.  They are encountering difficulties that Here and Now are big to them.

As we worked through the passages, it was evident that in our times of needs, difficulty, struggles, trial and LIFE, the only constant thing that we can hold on to is...THE LORD IS FAITHFUL!!!

He is our Rock! He is our Fortress! He is our Salvation! He is our Refuge! He is our Anchor! He is our GOD!!!  He is EVERYTHING!!!

Because He is, we can rest in the uncertainties of everyday living and life.  Julie and Melanie are flying back home to Idstein on standby and even though they didn't make the flight as it was full, I KNOW that the Lord Knows!!  I know He is working it out!!  He has something else planned that right now we don't see but tomorrow or next week or next year, we will know exactly why.

What is your Here and Now moment? Do you see His hand on you? Leading you? Holding you? Taking you through the times is His opportunity to show Himself a little more to each of us!  His will and His way for HIS GLORY!!

I trust that you will find encouragement in the lessons of life as you seek Him for the Here and Now!!