Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fourteen Days of Dependence

Over the past fourteen days, I have found them very difficult!  It came on all of a sudden on Friday two weeks ago after our monthly CSM staff meeting.  Assuming that it was simply the usual allergies that have popped up since our time in Baumholder and now in Idstein with the pollen!  Oh wasn't allergies.

Having spent the entire weekend taking allergy meds and no relief, then heading to a World Wide CSM staff conference, I was not winning the battle.  I spent that whole week sleeping every free minute I had, coughing and feeling miserable...only to find out that I had walking pneumonia! Yep...what a shocker.

Now, fourteen days later, I am at about 60 percent of my energy and the coughing is getting better. Thank the Lord for medicine and a caring doctor!  Just a few more weeks and I may be better!  Can't wait!

Now, the whining is over and the lesson is being learned.  The lesson, is I have to put my FULL dependence in the only ONE that can make a difference. During the sleepless cough filled nights, God and I did some serious talking.  The reality that I need Him and must fully depend on HIM is crucial.

I am so glad that HE is a loving and patient GOD that loves me even when it takes me a while to learn the lesson HE has for me.

After having to cancel the last several days of ministry due to my health, I asked the Lord to provide the strength to teach on Wednesday night at Refuge, (our high school ministry) and HE did. I went to the office to get final prep done and then to hang out with our students at our coffee shop, Chatterbox, and then having several of our volunteers there, they ran games, the meal and I just observed.  Then, it came time to teach the lesson...GOD was so good...Thank you Lord.  My energy came back, sustained me for the entire time and in addition, HE held of any coughing fit the entire time I was teaching HIS Word and the lesson this week on..."I AM in Christ!"  A series that I have been working through with the students for the last few weeks!

Thanks Lord for helping me learn to fully depend on YOU!  YOU are always faithful and I am grateful for that.