Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Gentle Nudge

Following the elders meeting on Tuesday night, I was driving home and began to pray through the prayer list that I keep on my phone. Now, before you think I was looking at my phone, I wasn’t! I have a number of these requests that are on going so recall to memory was what I was using.

As I drove, I asked the Holy Spirit to begin prompting me when I need to be more sensitive and responsive to those around me that I may or may not see. As I drove home I stopped at the McDonalds for a quick meal and ran inside. Usually I would use the drive through but I was nudged internally to go inside.

Once inside, the sitting area was empty and greeted by a member of the staff.

I made my way to the counter and in front of me was a man that had ordered a McChicken and a hot fudge sundae. Hearing the order and watching him dig through all his pockets in his worn out jeans and jacket, I was nudged again to pay for his meal.

I reached forward and gave the cashier the money while he wasn’t looking and mouthed to her to pay for his meal and give him the change. Her response was encouraging as she said, “Kenny, the gentleman behind you has paid for your meal!”

Kenny although standing with a slumped posterior attempted to straighten up and turned with a smile and a tear on his cheek said, “Thank you! I didn’t have enough tonight to by my dinner. My name is Kenny and may God bless you sir!”

Extending his hand to me, we shook hands and then he turned around and told the cashier how blessed he was by my act of kindness.

Now, it was my turn to order and as I placed my order and the cashier thanked me for paying for Kenny’s meal, she said it blessed her heart that someone would do that.

I told her that I was blessed and thankful that I listened to the Holy Spirit when He prompted me.

As they were preparing my dinner I felt another nudge inside.

This time nudged or prompted to buy a gift card for Kenny and bless him with it for another meal or two at a later time.

As I paid for the gift card, the cashier asked me why was I doing this. I explained to her what I was just praying and that I felt that I needed to be more aware of the needs of people around me. This was why I was doing this.

With a huge smile on her face she said that was amazing that God answers prayers that quickly. She then asked if I believed that what God says in the Bible is real. I responded, “It is not only real, it is alive and living! It is His love letter to those that believe in Him and follow Him.”

Shocked by my response she said, “Good for you!”

My heart now is nudged to ask her, Chrissy, if she knew Jesus. Her response was, “No it isn’t really for me but maybe something that I should think about.”

As I took my food and started to leave, I told Chrissy that every time I drive by this McDonald’s I will pray for her. She smiled and said thank you.

In reflecting over this the past few days, I know that the Holy Spirit does nudge us to respond as He is prompting and that we need to respond according to His nudges and direction.

Would you join me in asking the Holy Spirit to nudge and prompt us as He sees and knows best? Would you also be willing to respond to Him when He nudges and prompts you?

Doing this, will change us, our circumstances and outlook when we follow Jesus!