Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is my next move?

So many times in our lives we find that it is difficult to determine what the next move is. When we come to a time that we need to make a decision, we sometimes waffle and not know what to do.

Have you ever played chess? The whole purpose of the game is to make sure you loose the least amount of pieces and dominate the game by placing the opponent into checkmate. Sounds easy and yet, it is not so easy.

You and I don’t always know what move the other player in chess is going to make. Possibly they sacrifice a piece in order to setup for a more deliberate and authoritative move. Maybe in their strategy, they don’t take your pawn in order for you to move your bishop to a location that they can take your bishop and place you in check. Then you counter their move with your move to be out of check only to place yourself in checkmate.

What choices you make definitely can have a lasting impact.

Often times, like in the game of chess, we find ourselves at a crossroad and unable to know what our next move should be. We stand, sit or wander looking for the answer for the next move. We may even flip a coin or play rock – paper – scissiors in order to make a move. These two methods may work and one is definitely a fun way to do it, I believe that we need to make our next move with insight and leading from God.

We see in Psalms 119:25-32 that the writer tells us that understanding His teaching is critical. Knowing who God is, is very paramount. To know the truth of Him and His ways is vital to decisions.

We also see that when we get in the way, our deceitful ways can mess things up. When we chose the way of truth, hold on to His ways and teachings, He is faithful to guide us into His way and plan.

We have looked in our first series titled Transition to Transformation(see link below) that God is in the business of changing us and making us who He wants us to be. It is not our doing but our allowing Him to do the work in us. He controls us. He leads and directs us. He will never lead us in the wrong way. His way will not only be right, it will lead to His ultimate glory.

Allowing Him to guide us as we make the next move, will bring glory to Him. It may be difficult for us in the moment or through the process, but, He will always be faithful. He will lead us as we seek Him.

What is your next move? Start by seeking Him. You will find Him.

This link goes to the website where the sermon series I taught at Grace Baptist in St. Helens, Oregon can be heard while serving as Interim Lead Pastor. Transition to Transformation Series