Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Year!!!

Well, we made it some may say.  Others start out the new year with a new resolution.  And then there are others, like me, that make no resolution but desire to see a new and different year.  Either way you do it, we are in a new year!

Just looking back over the year, we are so thankful for all that the Lord did.  Provisions in so many ways, direction in life and ministry, opportunities to share and teach His Word, mentorship opportunities for both of us as well as time just to see His beauty.

As I write this, I am so thankful for the beauty of His creation outside my office window.  His creation sings of the newness and freshness of His hand.  His power and might shown in so many ways,  The trees, the lawn, the flowers, the sunset and the list goes on! Thanks Lord for all you have done!!!

I am also grateful for the time that we have had with our family! The Lord has provided many opportunities to be together with them.  The holidays were all special this past two months and the joy of being together was so fun! Meals, movies, games and even just sitting around the living room.  What a great thing.

As I reflect on these few thoughts, I am mindful that the Lord is so much in control of all things and it requires me to know that, accept that and rejoice in that.  He knows all things and He is in control of all things.  My response, thanks for the new year to service Him!  Thanks for the time I have that He gives so that I can make a difference.

May the Lord bless you as we serve Him together!  What will you do for Him this new year?