Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Process...

We have just past the mile marker of being in country doing ministry for just over 3.5 months.  It doesn't seem possible but with the help of our Lord and many team members, we are!!!

Just the other day Melanie and I were driving on post to check the mail and then to meet with one of the  chaplains we serve here.  Melanie said, "Daddy, when you were a boy driving on post with your daddy, did you ever think that you would be serving on a post when you were older?"

In the process of time, life and events, I never ever thought that I would.  We love the idea of ministry to the military and with our exposure in years past with Cadence International (formerly Oversea Christians Servicemen Center how I grew up knowing it) I never gave it a thought.  As I turned to her and answered I said, "Never crossed my mind!  I did always love the fact that my daddy got a salute from almost everyone on post/base because of his rank and that made me feel good and proud!"

I miss the days of riding with my dad on post and having time spent with him.  In fact, part of the process of growing up and our military childhood was the Saturday morning trip to the PX, commissary and also the barbershop.  For only 50 cents, we would get our buzz cuts and were GI ready.  Just the other day, part of the process of living here is finding a barber to cut my hair.  So one morning I ventured on post to the PX, went to the barbershop, pulled the customer service ticket and waited for my turn.

Around me were 3 soldiers getting their 'High and Tights' while a dad had his two boys with him.  Thought of the days as dad and my 2 older brothers went for our cuts.  As I watched them all get their haircuts, I realized that it was just like the process of life...growing, changing and becoming who God wants me to be.  Well, it was my turn to sit in the chair and no, no High and Tight for me but the thought did flash by for a minute. As I sat there, I reflected on the process God has and is taking us through to make us who He wants us to be.

In no time, my haircut was done and I was off to do ministry.  Now as I look back, even that days event was part of the process we are in.

The process of becoming the children He wants us to be.  The process of serving the chaplains He has over here.  The process of serving the students and their families each week and daily with ministry.  The process of learning to depend on Him more and more.

All in all, the process of being a child on a military installation over 35 years ago, did and has marked me for the ministry we are in!  Thanks for being a part of such a vital and crucial ministry.

A bit of a random post today but trust that you can follow the flow and know we are all in the process as we follow Jesus through our lives.