Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's in a box?

Just yesterday, our boxes that we shipped over in the two crates that some great men of God built for us ARRIVED!  A 40' tractor and trailer backed up to stairs to our flat. Myself, Randy Adams, Dan Haas and Chris Johnson began to unload 72 boxes!!

Up and down 41 stairs, we finally completed this in about 48 minutes!!

With the arrival of our stuff that we did ship, mind you we left our furniture and other boxes in the states, Julie, Debbie Bickel and Monica Brown began to open boxes, sort and yes, put things where they were to go!!

Melanie and I had to leave just shortly after all the boxes were unloaded to go to Refuge, our youth group that we have the privilege of leading.  What struck me the most was that, although we had an inventory list, we still wondered..."What was in the box?"

It reminded me of the days as a boy that my folks would get us each a box of Cracker Jacks and we would excitedly open the box just to see, "What was in the box!!"  Well, we have that same feeling going on in our home now...

I am reminded though, you can't tell what is on the inside of the box by how it appears on the outside.  It takes us opening the box, looking at the contents to truly know what is in the box.

You know, the same is true with our hearts!  We may look all put together on the outside.  We might say the right answers and attend the right church or chapel.  We might even give our money to the church and all but, the question is really this..."What's in the box?" In this case, "What's in the Heart?"

If we fill our heart with everything that is superficial, that is what we are.  If we fill it with all that we desire, then it will be empty and used up.  However, if we fill our heart with the ONLY TRUE ONE that can FILL IT, we will find, peace, hope, joy, love and the void that was there, will be filled.

What's in your box?  What is on the inside?  Have you looked lately?  We know that the world offers so much blink and distraction and yet, God offers fulfillment and so much more.  If you haven't recently reflected on what is in your box, I challenge you too.  If you know what is there and yet, you aren't feeling the fullness of His Joy in your life, take a moment and confess that to Him.  Ask Jesus to fill that void and emptiness and to make Himself real to you once again.

Only HE, JESUS, can fill our heart!!!  He is waiting to do that!