Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Waiting Room

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why does it always seem that the time in the waiting room is so long?"

I know that through the years I have definitely thought that. From doctors offices to repair centers, the wait seems like forever. The wait often taking longer than the appointment and yet, there is a definite lesson for us to learn from the waiting room.

Not only is there time to reflect, there is also time to see others. We can watch others as they wait. Some are anxious about the news they will hear. They are anxious about the unknown. They are frustrated with the process of paperwork. Their children are moving and busy and often this causes them and others to be stressed.

For whatever reason you are anxious there in the waiting room one thing is for sure...time goes slow.

When that happens, we tend to become very frustrated and also often times we get impatient and expect others to respond quicker and to our wants. When they don't, we snap and respond without care for them all to often.

Instead of doing that, next time you are in the waiting room count the blessing you have and know about. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to pray for those that are in the waiting room and may not know how to have peace that goes beyond all understanding. God promises that!

For the last 17 months, Julie and I have been in the waiting room and we have spent this time prepping, praying, preparing and planning. We have found ourselves anxious and stressed but when we stop and refocus, we begin to count our blessings in the waiting room.

God is faithful and is also in the business of assisting us while we wait in the waiting room. When we see Him move, lead and guide, the waiting room is not such a bad place to be.