Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a life!!

I recently attended the 90th birthday for a special and dear friend!  She is one of those people that when you are with her, you not only feel like you are the most important person, you feel her love and acceptance.

It is because of nothing that I have done, it is because of who she is! She is a Child of the King!

The King has made her so special and she radiates that to those that come in contact with her.  Her demeanor and her personality is so attractive and her attitude is one of making sure you know her King and that you are of value.

When you look at Margaret Hovey, you see not only the beauty of a love for Jesus, you see the beauty of a life transformed and of real value.  Her beauty is rooted deep inside and it is there for all to see.  When you talk with her over a cup of tea, she always communicates her love for the King and her desire for you to know Him and love Him too.

It is infectious and it is so real! How do you get there? Ask her and she will tell you, "He finds me of value and worth and that means, so are you!"  WOW!!  That is a life lived out in all ways.

It was an honor to be there with my friend and also was an honor to pray a blessing over her from the King, our King on His special daughter! What a life!  Oh, that I would have a life that would do the same.  Is your life radiating the King?

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