Sunday, April 22, 2012

A great week at camp

Many of you know that Julie, Melanie and I joined our CSM staff in Europe for a week of camp ministry. We were in Italy at a large sports camp with over 220 of us!  Students from five different military communities and from all different walks of life.

We had a great time there in fun and fellowship. Our speaker was Todd Arnett from California and did he ever do a great job connecting the dots from the WORD to the lives and hearts of our students.  His desire to share with them was evident every time he taught and spent time with the students.

The three of us were part of our community from Wiesbaden as small group leaders. Julie also used her decorating skills to turn the program room into a look of our theme...The Illusion!  With the help of Becke, Delilah and Julie, they did an amazing job!

I had the privilege of helping Dan out with games. We planned them from our living room in Oregon and their living room in Wiesbaden and then once we arrived in Germany, we began to put the final pieces together.  God was good in working out the details to it all.

One day on our final event, we did a 9 event Great Race and ended with....ANGRY BIRDS!  It was a ton of fun and will do it again!

Thanks for praying for us and the ministry here in Germany!

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