Monday, July 9, 2012

A classic way to start a movie!!

The other day, Julie, Melanie and I went to the movie theater the other night to watch a show.  We were so impressed with how clean it was in there. We also were so used to having the ads running on the screen for all kinds of things.  Then all of a sudden, an ad came up stating that when the National Anthem was placed, it is required by law to stand at attention, remove any head covering place your hand over your heart.

We just figured that was a way that they were telling everyone what to do. They also showed the statute for it and all.  "Well that is cool!" we all said.  Then we decided that, they should run that ad in all theaters.  As a public announcement.  Then, out of the blue, the lights went out, the screen went black, then a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem came on with fantastic pictures of the states, people in the military and civilians!! It was amazing...oh and everyone in the theater stood at attention, quiet, sober and with much respect for the flag and the patriots that did, do and will defend it!

Now, imagine if that was something that happened in the very country that we in Germany at Wiesbaden Germany were paying our respect too!  I have a feeling, that the country might begin to respond the way it should!!

Oh well, I am thrilled to be an American and proud to say that!  So the next time you visit a theater, imagine them starting the movie that way!!!  We do here on a military installation...only wish they would back home!

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