Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Offsite office time in a familiar place!

This morning we found ourselves getting up at 0300 hours to take a dear friend to the Frankfurt Hahn airport about an hour and fifteen minutes from our house for a flight he had to England.  Well, we brewed a pot of God's brew and went out the door.  We made it on time, he made it on time and all is well.

We decided though that we would take the opportunity to have the girls spend the day with a team member of our ministry in Kusel.  We stopped in this morning early, caught up, visited and then they were off for a girls day!  Window shopping, lunch, thrift store visit and then dinner.

Now you maybe wondering what this has to do with an offsite office time for me...well, I did say "girls time" so I made my way to the Java Cafe where sixteen months ago, it was my office! Coffee, quiet time, ministry prep, sermon prep and just some good old office work!!

That is right, I made my way back today to Baumholder, Germany!  Where we began the physical part of our ministry journey to Germany!   So, only fitting that after some lesson prep, planning time for the upcoming fall events and a sweet time of Face to Face (F2F) that I would do some office time here!

We were truly blessed that the Lord would allow us to come here over a year ago and be ministered to, minister to others and find a new start to a season of life that is exciting, ever changing and fresh!  Ministry with the military has been and will continue to be a solid passion and commitment we are engaged in!

During my prep time, I was reminded that the Lord is faithful in all deeds to all of His people.  We have experienced that in so many ways!  We know that He is and always will be FAITHFUL!!

Thank you Lord for always being constant, faithful, loving and real!  Thank you for allowing us to have this time in our lives to serve You, Your people and those that need to know you! Thank you for the opportunity to minister in so many fun, unique and wonderful ways!!  We are Yours and we are glad that you choose to and want to use us!

Middle school boys Bible study in Baumholder

 Overview of the town and installation of Baumholder

Some of our students from Baumholder 2011

From an offsite office, thank you ALL for being a part of what the Lord is doing in our lives and the lives of our students and their families!!!  Without each of you on our team, Pray, Play and Pay, we couldn't do this!!

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