Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time Flies Bye!

Recently we went on a day trip and saw this cuckoo clock! Hanging outside of the shop, it boast one of the largest handmade and working clocks! It was incredible.

It made me realize one thing...time flies bye quickly!

We have been in Germany almost a year at the end of March and we can not believe it.  We know that the Lord is moving and working in the hearts and lives of many of the families that we have the privilege of serving.  We have weekly been working with middle schoolers in our OASIS  program, REFUGE for high schoolers and Connect SL for our dependents that are college age.

Weekly we hang out with students with Bible studies, youth group as well as in our Chatterbox Cafe'...our coffee shop at the youth house!  It is so much fun and daily working with them we see God moving.  We see God doing some incredible things in their lives.

Just last week, one of the students came to me and said, "I am so glad that you, Melanie and Mama Shack are here! You have helped me and my family out in ways you will never know!" "Thank you for coming and obeying God!"

Time is is precious and we are thankful for the time we do have with each of the families and students. Thank you for taking time to pray for us regularly as we minister to our friends.  It is make an eternal difference!

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