Saturday, February 20, 2016

Little Life Lessons Learned

Today, I attended a day long conference at CZW in Wiesbaden Germany. This church is working with me on the process of our visa to stay and plant a church here that would focus on the english speaking community here. This includes the over 18000 military and civilians working at USAG Wiesbaden. Also open to anyone that speaks english.

While here, I was provided a translator for the sessions as they were all done in Deutsch. During the course of the time, Pastor Andreas shared that we are to "dream big and start small!" This hit me really deep in my heart and mind.

As we are here, we have what we have been dreaming about starting to happen. We also know that there is a strong possibility that God may refocus the vision and dreams we have. Recognizing this, we know that we are to follow His leading.

This past week, we have encountered various difficulties, frustrations and set backs. In them, we were given the opportunity to rejoice or respond extremely frustrated. In many of them, we choose to rejoice and know that they were allowed for us to draw closer to Him and His vision and plan.

Now, I would love to say that I responded to all of them that way and yet, I didn't. In my humanity and self, I let one of the situations knock me low and cause me to really begin to say, "Why is this happening?" "What good is going to come from this?"

I know, sad that I went there and yet, I did. There is where I realized God knows all things and can do anything.

At lunch here at the conference, I sat alone in a room full of believing germans and felt alone. A man name Gragor sat down and asked me to slide next to him. I did and we introduced each other. My deutsch is very limited and yet, his english was very good.

He asked me, "When did you meet my Jesus?" I told him my story and then he shared his story. WOW! What a time of fellowship and lunch!

The lesson learned...stop, wait, listen and rely on His timing!

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