Monday, December 27, 2010


Sunday I had the privilege to preach at a friends church on the 26th of December.  We arrived to fellowship a bit with the folks there before the service.  We had such a sweet time and then the most unusual thing happened, the power surged many times and then, the power went completely out.

We all assumed it would come on anytime but it didn't slow us down any.  We went on with the service.  Music was great with and unplugged acoustic guitar as well as piano and drums!  The vocals, did fabulous without the mics and oh yea, the power point, it was out but we used those things in the pew called a Hymnal.  The songs not in them, we all seemed to know.

We had a fantastic time of worship.  The highlight, our time of corporate prayer at Lower Highland was so good as we thanked the Lord for the fact we had no power but we had HIS POWER!!  What a great reminder.

What a great time of worship as well as a great time in being grateful for what we did have, His WORD, His People and His Power!!  With that, the service is complete

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