Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Departure Day is Near

With only 4 full days left before we embark on an new chapter of our life, we are torn.  Yes, torn.  It has been an exciting time to see what God has and is doing in our lives and yet, leaving family and friends behind is so tough. Therefore, the state of being torn.

And yet, as a dear brother and pastor of ours, Dan Franklin said, "God wants you to put aside your agenda and follow His Agenda!"  You know what, His agenda is definitely the one I want to follow.  His leading is covered by His eternal hands and arms that hold us, secure us and take us where He wants us.  When we choose to follow His agenda, the blessings from His storehouse began to and continue to flow!

We have seen from our airline tickets being covered completely by some outstanding folks that care and love to another team member sharing wisdom and inside from the view of a retired US Army chaplain.  We have witnessed team members sacrificially giving to our monthly support and outgoing expenses.  Our prayer team increasing daily and knowing that the Lord is totally in control.

Also, today, the women of our home church honored my wife by sharing about how her passion for the Lord, His Word and passion for them has encouraged them, motivated them and pointed them to our Eternal Groom, Jesus!!  What a great tribute and way to honor my lady!! That makes me feel great!

Thanks for the love, support, encouragement, prayers and sacrificial giving to ensure that this generation of students in Germany experience the love of Jesus from us through your part of being on our team.

With that, we depart on the 1st of March from PDX to start this new chapter!  Thanks for being a part of ministry that impacts lives around the world.  We will be at the airport at 9 am to check in and then travel to Frankfurt to serve God and to serve our military and the Cadence Student Ministry staff!

Thanks again!  Our love and God's blessing on each of you!  Shack and Julie


  1. It's so exciting to see how God has led you to this point. Whenever I know I am in the center of God's will, I call that my "sweet spot". So, praise God that you and Julie are in a "sweet spot". Go with God. Rise each morning knowing that He will direct each footstep and rest in the evening knowing that You have walked in path He had set before you. I love you guys. Thank you for your faithful, diligent, honest and deep committment to serving our God. Be assured that the Lord God will continue to do great things through you.

    In His Grace and Hope,
    Carol Hardin

  2. Will you guys be using Skype while you are away? If so are you giving our your user name?

  3. Yes we have Skype and my contact is jeff.shackelford1 Thanks for the prayers!!!