Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Plane Left Without Me!

Some of you know that I was scheduled to leave on 31 January for our short term assignment with Cadence Student Ministry.  This was changed due to the lack of housing there in Baumholder.  The Lord, as He always does, wasn't surprised by this.  Although I was a bit disappointed, I am thrilled that I get to enter into ministry in Germany with my wife at my side.

We have done ministry for 29 years together and I was not real excited about starting in a new culture with out her.  Now, we leave on 1 March and will be there through the 23rd or so of May.  When we return, we will head off to a Family Camp where I have the pleasure of teaching from the Word of God!! Can't wait.

As for the plane leaving, it has gone, landed and is well, who knows, stranded by ice and snow in the mid west or on the east coast by now.  That is okay...I am here!!

I just finished an email update that was sent out. If you don't receive that and would like to, send me your email address and I would love to add you to our list.  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement as we embark on a new adventure and journey!

If you would also like to join our ministry support team, you can do so by clicking on this link and scrolling to our name, Shackelford, Jeff 10767 and give there.

Blessing to each of you as you read this and pray for us!

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