Monday, August 1, 2011

What is happening...

to us has been incredible!  It has been an incredible summer and the Lord is blessing and directing.  With candidacy and orientation over, we have begun to focus on the financial needs of our monthly support as well as closing things down here in Gresham.

We served for our last time in awhile at Camp Morrow where we have been serving for 30 years and we watched God do some incredible things.  Julie was the head cook for Jr High camp where we served record number of students and staff...200 mouths!!  I had the privilege of being one of two speakers and saw God doing incredible things in the hearts of staff and students that week.  Sharing my heart about the WORD and missions, God was definitely prompting students!  Heaven will tell the rest of the story!  Also, I got to help Julie with cooking that week and on the following weekend for Family Camp!
 Julie's homemade cinnamon rolls!!!  Would love to have one now!
 Working with my favorite gal!!! 30 years of making these!!  What a joy!!!  And tasty too!
Julie, Rick, Cara, Teresa and Mishawna praying as they start their day in the kitchen!

We are now focused on our ministry team as well as serving in our local church.  Also, looking for opportunities in churches to share our ministry and with individuals! Let us know if you would like to consider being a part of our ministry team!

Thanks for praying, loving, encouraging and sharing in our life at this time! We are truly blessed to have you on our TEAM!

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