Friday, August 12, 2011

Civilian child vs Military child

Thought that is was very true and appropriate to share with you regarding the students that we have the privilege of serving!  Hope that it gives you as new sense of appreciation for what we do with Cadence Student Ministries and an insight in our students and their resilience!

1. A civilian child usually dances around or talks during the National Anthem. A military child stands quietly with his hand over his heart.   

2. A civilian child sees race. A military child sees diversity.   

3. A civilian child has a best friend in his hometown. A military child has a best friend on almost every continent.   

4. A civilian child sees only the plane flying over. A military child not only can identify the type of plane flying but knows someone who works on them.   

5. A civilian child sees a person in uniform. A military child can tell you what branch he's in and what his rank is.   

6. A civilian child thinks home is where the heart is. A military child knows home is where the military sends you.  

7. A civilian child lives for tomorrow and what it might bring. A military child lives for today because tomorrow, Daddy might get called away again.   

8. A civilian child gets to kiss mommy and daddy goodnight each night. A military child sometimes has to kiss a picture of daddy or mommy goodnight.   

9. A civilian child talks on the phone for fun. A military child lives for the 15 minute phone calls once a week.   

10. A civilian child can read and write in English. A military child can read and write in acronym.   

11. A civilian child says "good-bye". A military child says "see you later" (don't we know it, there's never GOOD BYE).   

12. A civilian child gets to see things other kids would love to see. A military child gets to see things world leaders would love to see.   

13. A civilian child will probably go to the same school his entire life. A military child will probably change schools every 2 years.   

14. A civilian child might rarely leave his hometown for anything other than vacation. A military child will rarely see his "hometown" for anything other than vacation.   And finally...a civilian child supports our soldiers. A military child IS a soldier. The next time you say a prayer for our troops, please say a prayer for their families, especially their children back home that are trying to be strong. (They need your prayers, more than you'll ever know)

Reposted with permission and edited from Because sometimes military wives need to vent.

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