Thursday, September 15, 2011


This last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Men's Roundup in Lebanon, Oregon with 1800 men.  Although I didn't know all of them, I did know a good number of them.  I did have the privilege of attending it with 12 men specifically.  One of those 12 is a man that has impacted my life in some very powerful ways.

It was 9 years ago after a summer of camps, 9 different camps we ran, that my friend came to me and asked me this question.  "When do you Shack, ever do camp for you?"  I remember when he asked me that and my answer was not, "in a long time".  In fact, the last time I attended camp for me, was with my father in law, Bob McCaw in the early '90's.

Well, my friend said that it would happen yearly.  It has for nine years now!  In fact, three years ago, he made it possible for not only myself to go but he made it possible for Tyler to go.  That was 2008 and in 2009, Tyler headed to Iraq.  The weekend ended in 2008 like it did for me in 2011. Powerfully and tearfully.

How you might ask, the same men that laid hands on Tyler in '08 and circled around my son and covered him in prayer, did the same for me.

Tyler would head to the sandbox for twelve months on his mission with the US Army, me, well, I will head out Lording willing in the next few months for our ministry to the US Army and their families!  Different missions and yet, needing the circle of men to make it possible.

Never under estimate the power of men when they are united in the power of prayer.  It caused me to immediately tear up and then cry as these same men called on the Lord to direct, lead, guide, provide wisdom, bring a Barnabas in my life in Germany and provide for the remaining support we need to be fully funded.  What an awesome weekend!

The power of men is measured in my life by their influence in my life!  It is also measured by their commitment to hold a brother up in PRAYER!

Thanks to the men that circled me and prayed over me last weekend!  God bless each of you and keep you in HIS hands as well!  Love you men!  Wish I could join you next year but maybe, we can do one in Germany!!!!!!

Never under estimate the power of prayer!  I prayed over these two young men at camp this year and both are seeking the Lord!

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