Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today, September 17th, Julie and I celebrate 29 years of marriage to each other!  When I reflect over the past 29 years, there have been highlights and lowlights.  Times that were easy to love each other and times that were difficult.

And yet, now I can honestly say, HOW SWEET IT IS!!  To know the one you are with, to share with the one you are with and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I married the woman for me!  We have experienced so much and yet, have so much more to experience.

We have cried, yes, I cry, we have laughed, hugged, cuddled, walked, ran, climbed and even just sat and were still.  During those times, we knew we had each other.  We have prayed, shared, dreamed, lived and loved like there is no one around and we did it together!

I love you Julie!  I will always love you and wanted not only you to know that, but others!  Hard work, commitment and a focus off of me and on God makes a marriage work.  I am committed to you and will covenant with you again, as long as we both shall live!!!

I love you sweetheart!

The Times Together!!

My Sweet Bride!!

Your Knight for ever!!!

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