Saturday, October 22, 2011

Counting Many Blessings

Having grown up in the church, I remember a favorite that we always sang and requested...Hymn number 474, Count Your Many Blessing.  Well, this past few days we have had as many of you know a huge bazaar as we downsize our home and earthly goods.  As we are doing the sale, we have been able to count so many blessing.
1.   God's provision for our lives
2.   God's care for our future
3.   God's direction in our lives for all of our life
4.   God's leading as we follow Him as He is righting new chapters for our life
5.   Great memories here in our home
6.   The blessing of friends and family that came through this weekend and through the years
7.   His knitting our lives with so many people and watching the tapestry come together in a beautiful way
8.   The blessing of trials that have produce character, faith, diligence and perseverance
9.   Brothers and sisters in Christ that have walked the road ahead of us that share and love on us
10. A wife that is creative and is a modern Proverbs 31 woman of God!!!
11. The memories of all the things that we have and have shared to make our home a home
12.  The opportunity to minister to people as they have come in our home this weekend
13.  Share the ministry God is leading us to with several that had no idea of our new ministry
14.  The opportunity to share the gospel with a few that have come through our house this weekend
15.  The ability to see the Lord sell and bring in people to buy our earthly treasures and then to say, "When I see this item, I will remember to pray for you and your ministry!" What a blessing!!

When you start to count the blessing that the Lord has and is doing, I literally stand in amazement!!!  He is so faithful.  He is so constant.  He is so caring.  He is so loving.

As we look ahead, we see the Lord writing so many new pages in our book about our life!

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