Monday, November 14, 2011

"Not right now I am praying," she gently said...

Those were the words told to our friends grandson when he asked his grandmother if he could play with the GI Joe that was sitting on the sill of her kitchen window.  Gramma you see is one of our many team members in ministry!  As a reminder to pray for us, we have given many of our team members a plastic GI Joe.

I know, you are probably thinking that this is a scene from Toy Story.  Or you are thinking, "is this what Shack does in his free time, play with plastic army men?"  No, at least not all the time.  It is however the way that we encourage people to remember the ministry that they are a part of.

As our friend finished praying, she explained to her 6 year old son the reason for the GI Joe and why she was praying.  "Our friends work with the military and their families.  They are preparing to go to Germany and work with junior high and high school student and tell them about the love of Jesus.  So, everyday when I am at the sink and looking at the GI Joe, I stop and pray for the Shackelford's."

After the conversation, gramma let him play with the GI Joe.  As he was playing, she went to get another one that she had in the house.  Gramma proceeded to give it to her grandson and asked him if he would like to have his own.  Really excited, he said "Yes!"  She proceeded to explain to him that with it came the opportunity to remember to pray for the Shackelford's, the men and women that serve in the military as well as their families.

Not only is gramma and grampa on our team, now so is their 6 year old grandson a part of our team.

Will you pray and ask God what part you can have on our team.  We are would love for you to be on our team if you aren't already!

There are three different parts to our team.  Some are able to be only on one part, others on two and then others on all three.  Where do you fit in?  Join the team that is making eternal differences in the lives of students and families in the military!!  Team Shackelford is in need of more team members! Let us know if you would like more information.

From 6 year old to 96 year olds, we have them all!! Thank you for being a part!

You can email me at for more information.

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