Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joining Team Shackelford!!

In my last blog, I wrote about a young six year old that had join our team! Well, a few weeks later a four year old boy joined our team.  Incredible!!  I love how God works in building His team!!!

You see, we have always believed in ministry there are are three parts to our team, but only one team...now I am not going to use the Trinity to describe it nor am I  going to use the clover or egg to explain it...just One team and three parts to it!

The first is PRAY! Those who pray for our ministry as the Lord directs! Daily, weekly or special times! His leading and prompting is when some pray! We love that!  Those our pray team members.

The second is PLAY!  Those that are physically involved in ministry with us! Baking cookies for a Bible study, making meals at camp with us, hosting a function at their home, preaching at a church with our former ministry, working on our vehicles, making curtains for our home as a gift and the list goes on! Those our play team members.

Then there are those that PAY!  Those who are led by the Spirit to financially give to our ministry so that we can do the work call has for us!  They give sacrificially and with their whole heart! They give so that we can go!  Some give monthly, quarterly, yearly and at special times with special gifts!  Each to their own ability and to the leading of the Spirit.  We are so blessed by them.  Those are the pay team.

One Team, One Focus, One Lord and One Purpose...to see people know Jesus!!!
You may be on one or more parts to the team but wherever the Lord has you, we are so thankful!!

This past month, the newest member on the play was at my house helping me to put stamps on the envelopes we used to mail out our ministry DVD.  What a big job and he was willing to help me out for just about two hours.  He was attentive to detail and did an amazing job.  He was so excited to help and did so with a grateful heart! While we were stamping them, I shared with him about Jesus and talked about what Julie and I are going to do! He got so excited! My little buddy "G" was excited to know that he was a part of our team!!

You see, know matter how small or big you think you part is, you are a part!! God uses every gift, talent and resource to His Glory if we will let Him lead and use us!

Thanks for being a part!

Are you a part of our team? Where is the Lord leading you to serve His people and His plan today?
www.cadence.org/shackelford is where you can go to join our pay team. Contact us at shack.shackelford@cadence.org for information about our pray, play and pay teams! We would love to share with you our needs and the opportunities for you to be a part!

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