Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts about Holidays from a veteran

I was recently talking with a veteran from the war in Iraq.  As we talked about what it was like to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from family and friends.  It was a tender and tough conversation with the seasoned soldier.

As he shared what it was like, we talked about the marginal quality of the food.  "It didn't taste anything like my moms dinner."  Of course, it wasn't an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) but it wasn't that great.  "I really missed the meal with the family."  He also talked about the time around the table where they shared memories about their family, tradition and things that they would normally be doing.  You see, our military serve so that we can enjoy our freedoms.  Freedoms, we take for granted way to often.

Before we finished, he described what it was like to leave the DFAC (Dining Facility) after their Thanksgiving Dinner.

"We left the DFAC and we were hit with incoming mortars that the enemy was shooting in on us.  We ran for cover and saw that the area we were sitting near was destroyed."  "Not only that one mortar came in, we were hit with 5 other rounds."  "Not a great way to spend Thanksgiving!"

The conversation we shared opened my eyes to the way that our military spend their holidays.  You know, I may complain at times about the food, weather or other things when celebrating a holiday, and yet now, I am rethinking my responses.  I have not spent a major holiday in a foreign land nor in a war zone, but, I now really appreciate what I have.

It is very possible that I will be spending next Thanksgiving and Christmas away from my family so I have treasured this years time in a real deep and special way.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to enjoy a great time with my family this season and seasons past.

Praying for each of our military and thankful for their service and sacrifice so we can enjoy our celebrations in safety and comfortably.

May the Lord bless each of our military and their family during this holiday season.

Getting our Christmas Tree as a family, what a great day!

Thanksgiving dinner as a family where are thoughts turned to Tyler's battle buddies.

Christmas Eve Celebration with family! What a great time!

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