Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends that care and love!

Ministry sometimes can be very difficult and yet, it is also very rewarding! When the Lord takes you somewhere that He wants you, He will always allow you the ability to adjust, adapt and provide for you the needs you have.  We have definitely experienced that in our lives through the years of ministry.

This ministry assignment is no different.  Although this run is a shorter time, we knew leaving friends and family from home and traveling 6800 miles would not be easy.  We also knew it meant that we would be giving up a lot of the things we were used to and that we would be entering and learning TWO cultures!! The obstacles in front of us seemed huge and yet, we knew that the Lord would take care of us.

He has!!! It is incredible to see the many answered prayers that we are witnessing and a part of.  We really were praying that the Lord would connect us to the Cadence Student Ministry staff...we believe He has and is! We prayed that we could connect with the students at youth group...we are!  We also prayed that Julie would find a friend that would be able to relate, understand and share many of the same passions in life and walk with God...HE HAS AND IS!!!!

God is all about friendship and relationship and ministry is all about friendship and relationship! We are so incredibly blessed that the Lord would do what He is doing and that we would get to be a part of what He is doing and how He is doing it!

We are so grateful to Him as He continues to build relationships, connections and more in His timing, plan and will!  There is no better place to be than in His will!!

We know that the Lord is leading, directing and guiding us and the friends that we are able to enjoy here, help take a bit of the pain from separating for a time back home a bit easier!  Thank you for being a part of that and being involved in lives for eternity.  Our lives and the lives of our military students here in Baumholder!!!

We are so blessed with friends here to share in the ministry as well as in the journey of life!  Thanks to all our friends back home that are traveling with us as well!

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