Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday morning with a Soldier and a Cup of Joe!

Shoe is on the other foot today, at Java Cafe on base today and a soldier bought my coffee...usually I am doing that! What a blessing to share Jesus with him over a cup of joe!   He is here on a transfer from another base for a short time before heading downrange to Afghanistan.  He was open to dialogue about Jesus and His love but no real decision.  My job, plant the seed and water it.  In the face of life, we often need to just be willing to share and not force.  We must share the WORD and LOVE of Jesus and leave the eternal work to the Father.  

Finished my Face to Face read through today! Another sweet time in the WORD with God and a cup of God's brew!!!  Love to see what He has for us in His eternal WORD if we only look and listen.

Now FB time and then study time for youth group teaching tonight!!! Looking forward to it...1600 to 1800 Jr Hi and then 1830 to 2030 for High school...love doing ministry!! Julie is at PWOC a women's Bible study her on base with Lori Alsup!  What else does He have in store for me today...can't wait and see!

Would you pray that our ID cards would happen quickly for us.  We are in need of them and yet, we know we have to wait on Him for them.  Makes shopping for food and other items very difficult as we have to buy of base and it is quite a bit more.  It also is stopping us from being able to drive.  In His time and needing His help.

Thanks for praying!

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