Saturday, March 12, 2011

God is so Good!

This past week has been an incredible week.  We found ourselves running from one event and activity to another since we arrived.  Many of you know that are time here is 10  weeks long and we are now into our second week.  There is so much ministry that needs to be done and we are feeling a strong since of urgency  for us to return full time.

We have started working with the chaplains on our base meeting them personally and in chapel meetings.  The opportunity to serve and work with these chaplains is a real honor!  We are praying that the Lord will direct and guide in these relationships to His Glory.

We are also meeting and being involved in the lives of our students that God has brought into our lives here in Baumholder, Germany.  The students are so great and they are also very welcoming to us.  Julie and I are certainly blessed that the Lord would take our gifts giving by Him and use them here!

We are also grateful that the Lord is allowing us to be able to serve with CSM and to begin to get to know as well a work with them.  What a great staff and family!  They have really blessed us by welcoming us and just making us feel a part of the team!  Thanks and we are looking forward to serving with them now and later.

We would ask you to pray that the Lord would begin to expedite the process for us so that we can return as soon as possible because the need is so great!  We are so excited to return this fall Lord willing!

Also please pray that the Lord would help expedite our I.D. process which is really slowing down the process of intrigrating in to ministry as well as being able to drive and travel without being a burden on other staff.  They are great and sacrificing but it would be easier!

Our love and prayers are with each of you! Thanks for being a member of our team!  Thanks for praying for us and our ministry.

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