Monday, April 25, 2011

Hear the bells ringing...

As I reflect back on the weekend just past, I am reminded that here in our little town of Kusel, the bells of the two churches were ringing almost non stop.  You would have thought something big was happening in town.  Well, there was but it really took place over 2000 years ago.

It was in the town of Jerusalem where the miracle of the rebirth took place.  After the first original Black Friday, Passover, Jesus of Nazareth took the entire worlds weight of sin and shame on His shoulders.  There He paid the price for the debt that none of us could ever pay for the things that separated us from Him.  There, the payment was made and there the Eternal King died only to change the course of history.

After He died, His body that was broken for you and I was taken off the cross, laid in a borrow tomb where His body was wrapped in swaddling clothes and washed in frankincense and myrrh for the entombment.  Only thing is, His reservation for the grave had been made in eternity past that He would only stay there for three days.  You see, Jesus rebuilt the temple, His Temple, in three days!

His resurrection from the grave made it possible for us to have a rebirth of our own temple so that He would have a place to reside in us for His glory!  The key, we have to accept the fact that He gave up heaven to come to earth to pay for my debt with His death and was buried in a grave and then, ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!!  Thus, gaining victory over sin and death!!!  Praise be to Him for His Glorious work!

So you see, although the bells rang continuously here in Kusel, they were marking the event of Resurrection Sunday...they thought Easter, I know better!! It was marking the anniversary that my Lord and Savior gave me the ability to have a rebirth and to enter into a relationship with Him.  It also was to invite those that don't usually come to church to come.

I trust that they did but I pray that the Gospel was shared and that one or some came to a personal knowledge of their need for a Loving and Merciful Savior to be their Lord.

The next time you hear bells ringing, stop and wonder, "What are they ringing for?"  Maybe they are announcing a worldwide event like the event of Resurrection Sunday!  What an event!

Church in the Rock in Idar - Oberstein, Germany

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