Sunday, April 3, 2011

"I am so glad that you came..."

Recently we wrapped up youth group and I had been teaching that night and one of students came up to me and said, "I am so glad that you came over here to take over the youth group."  "What will it take to have you come back this fall?"  "We really need to have you and mama Shack back here!"

That brought me to tears as I realized not only is it God's plan that Julie and I are here now and how critical the need is for us to be here in the fall Lord willing.

It is a real eye opener when you work with students and find the need is great in their life to have people care, love and share in their lives.  They are longing for acceptance as well as unconditional love.  They are seeking for this with everything they do and are.  Our students here have that even intensified having one of their parents deployed downrange in the Middle East.  They have intense need to know the one who made them and and have a personal relationship with their creator.  What a great privilege to serve them and point them to our Heavenly Father!

When you stop for just a moment and reflect on what he was expressing it is the very heart beat of what God wants!  That everyone would know Him and all would see Him through us.  The desire to know the WORD and the Truth and as we if we are willing to serve and love others, they will see Jesus in us.

Would you continue to pray for us as we serve the students in Baumholder with Cadence Student Ministries and as we seek the Lord for His leading as we desire to return in the fall.  We need to have more people join our ministry team in order for this to happen and God has that under control as well.  Pray that He will lead the right people to join our current team that are impacting lives here for eternity.  We are truly blessed that you are committed to us and Him as we fulfill the Great Commission together!

In response to his statement..."I am so glad that you came..." We are so glad that we came and that you sent us here!  God is being glorified by you through us!


  1. How I praise the Lord for getting you two right where He can use you and bless these kids, who need Him and you at this time. Truly He does all things well.

  2. Jeff, Praying for you guys. That you would be faithful to this call, that God would produce much fruit and that your team would be increased with faithful and sacrificial giving partners.

    Bless you brother.